6 Gorgeous Wedding Garters Ideas You Will Love Now

Now who doesn’t know the century-old tradition of garter tossing during weddings? This event portion of the wedding involves the tossing of a wedding garter taken from the leg of the bride by the groom and tossing it to all the single male guests at the wedding. Whomever catches the wedding garter is said to be the next in line to get married. Whether you believe in such superstitions or just want to keep the tradition rolling, finding the perfect wedding Garter will definitely be an important task that should not be neglected or given less attention during preparation.

So where do you find the best wedding garter to suit your personal taste and liking? And where can you buy them? Though the garment is a simple piece of accessory, one should not take the task or matter lightly. Unfit wedding garters or those that look cheap can ruin your special day, or the wedding portion at least. Here are some tips on how you can get the best wedding garter out there.

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First, measure your thigh and make sure that you order the one designed to fit that particular size. Order a size wherein the leg estimate is close to the middle. This is to prevent the garter from being too tight, which may make wearing it feel uncomfortable, while also avoiding it from falling and slipping off when the garter is too big.

Second, when looking for garters go for one that you love. If you like the garter´s design or feel, there is a high chance you may want to store it and wear the garter again in the future, for fun or to serve as a memory for that special day.

Third, if you don’t like the design or there is no size that fits you perfectly, you can opt for a personalized wedding garter. You can order from your local wedding shop or through the internet, whichever you prefer or is more convenient. A personalized wedding garter is, of course, is more costly as opposed to ready-made ones.

Fourth, for ultimate comfort, choose a lace wedding garter that is designed with elastic material and is covered by ribbon. This will help to impede the garter from rubbing.

Fifth, there is a high chance that you will be asked to show off the garter in photos, so make sure that you wear it on your best leg. You wouldn’t want to expose your scars or a tattoo during picture taking, right?

Sixth, if you are going to toss your lace wedding garter make sure to take extra precautions removing it. Remember, you want to surprise your newly wedded husband with your sexy underwear and not the guests.

An optional step people who are feeling creative and artistic can do is to add a little touch of garter charms. These charms can be created to blend with your colors. If you desire, you can make use of the garter to sew your something old, new and blue onto it to make the gift more special.